Diminished Frame

1970/2001, 16mm, black-and-white and colour, sound, 24 minutes
Cast: Robert Beavers and others
Filmed in Germany (West Berlin)
First Public Screening: Österreichishes Filmmuseum, Vienna, 22 May 1996
Original Version: Diminished Frame, 1970, 16mm, black-and-white and colour, sound, 30 minutes
First Public Screening: Filmstudio 70, Rome, April 1971
Projection copies preserved in La Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, Brussels, Münchner Filmmuseum and Australian National Film & Sound Archive, Canberra.

There is a balance in Diminished Frame between a sense of the past seen in the views of West Berlin, filmed in black& white and a sense of the present in which I filmed myself showing how the colour is being created by placing filters in the camera’s aperture. It is the space of the city and of the filmmaker. I search for signs of war’s aftermath and a few moments of daily life.
(Robert Beavers).