1976-78/1996, 35mm, colour, sound, 25 minutes
Cast: Robert Beavers, Gregory Markopoulos
Filmed in Greece (Athens, Sparta, Leonidion), Austria (Graz, Rein) and Switzerland (Berne)
Note: Three films are now combined within a single work
First Public Screening: International Film Festival Rotterdam, 5 February 2000
Original Versions:
Sotrios Responds, 1975-76, 16mm, colour, sound, 25 minutes
Sotiros (Alone), 1976-77, 16mm, colour, sound, 12 minutes
Sotiros in the Elements, 1978, 16mm, colour, sound, 6 minutes
First Public Screening: Movie 1, Zürich, 12-13 May 1978
Projection copies in Filmpodium Zürich, Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Vienna and Australia National Film & Sound Archive, Canberra.

“In Sotiros, there is an unspoken dialogue and a seen dialogue, The latter is held between the intertitles and the images; the former is moved by the tripod and by the emotions of the filmmaker. Both dialogues are interwoven with the sunlight’s movement as it circles the room, touching each wall and corner, detached and intimate.”
(Robert Beavers)