1985, 35mm, colour, sound, 15 minutes
Cast: Arno Gutleb
Filmed in Greece (Anavvysos, Lyssaraia)
First Public Screening: Temenos Film Presentations, Lyssaraia, 7 September 1985

“A seed that floats in the air, a whirligig, a love charm. This magnificent landscape, both hot and dry, is far from sterile; rather, the heat and dryness produce a distinct type of life, seen in the perfect forms of the wild grass and seed pods, the herds of goats as well as in the naked figure. The torso, in itself, and more, the image which it creates in this light. The sounds of the shepherd’s signals and the flute’s phrase are heard. And the goats’ bells. Imagine the bell’s clapper moving from side to side with the goat’s movements like my quick side-to-side camera movements, which increase in pace and reach a vibrant ostinato.”
(Robert Beavers).