Pitcher of Colored Light

2000-2007, 16mm to 35mm, colour, sound, 23 minutes
Cast: Dorothy Mahoney. Filmed in Falmouth, Massachusetts
First public screening: FilmSamstag, Kino Babylon, May 5, 2007

“I have filmed my mother’s house and her garden. The shadows play an essential part in the mixture of loneliness and peace that exists here. The seasons move from the garden into the house, projecting rich diagonals in the early morning 
or late afternoon. Each shadow is a subtle balance of stillness and movement and
shows the vital instability of space. Its special quality opens a passage to the subjective. A voice within the film speaks to memory. The walls are screens
through which I pass to the inhabited privacy. We experience a place through the perspective of where we come from and hear another’s voice through our own acoustic. The sense of place is never separate
from the moment.”
Robert Beavers