Listening to the Space in My Room

2013, 16mm, color, sound, 19 minutes
Cast: Dieter & Cecile Staehelin, Ute Aurand
Filmed in Zumikon, Switzerland
First public screening:
Toronto International Film Festival/ Wavelengths 9 September 2013

“There were several other fascinating portraits on view in the experimental Wavelengths section at Toronto, but none so invigorating as Robert Beavers’ aptly titled Listening to the Space of My Room. Imagine someone boiling down all the impermanent sensations, routines, memories, and emotions that make a home a home into an intensely flavorful reduction, and you begin to understand Beavers’ stunning film. He and his housemates are crystallized at work: the camera sways with the hands of an older man bowing his cello; observes an older woman tending her garden from inside the darkened house; mirrors Beavers himself examining individual frames of film to stage his somatic cuts. The intricately interlaid tracks of sound and image do not abide any standard measure of continuity, and yet there’s something immediately comprehensible in this exquisitely tuned song of the body in space.”
Max Goldberg in Fandor